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I'm the extrovert friend that you know has your back on your wedding day and supports you through the whole process. I love romance and all that it inspires! My clients have called my work, timeless, classic, dreamy and whimsically vibrant.

I love the feel of a good ole film camera in my hands, and the sound the shutter makes when you click it. The tangible aspect of film cameras and a roll of film, gives life to my soul, and it's something I want all my clients to feel when they work with me as well.


You'll most likely find me with my guy and partner in life, Casey. He joins me in business, traveling, nature hikes and just hanging on the sofa watching geeky movies and shows. Casey is also our lead Videographer and has an amazing artistic eye! We have a rescue pup named Una and sassy cat named Zimmerman, and you better be ready, because we love to talk about and show them off as much as possible!

Besides finding the perfect cappuccino (Naples, Italy, if you're wondering), I'm always on the hunt for a great cotton candy sunset sky, a new book to add to my list (usually business, life goals and classic fiction are my jam),my next travel adventure and the perfect lake to kayak on. My searches take me all over the world, and most recently all over Italy, which we instantly fell in love with!

Now that you know a little about me, let's chat over a drink and let me hear all about you!

Because we are here to Create and Capture Dreamy Moments with YOU!


I'm Veronica...your photographer.

-veronica sparrow

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I'm always seeking genuine connection and I strive to create this with my couples and clients by getting to know YOUR story and style.

Just remember...Frodo had Samwise, Luke had Yoda, and YOU have ME! Every great story needs a great guide!

Destination Wedding Photographer


Each couple and client are unique. A customized proposal allows us to target what services you want and need without giving you limited options that don't fit your personal style or desires. After an initial contact and consultation where we get a good idea of your wants, needs and vision, we then customize a few options and price points for you to decide from.

Average amount couples typically spend with us for Wedding coverage is $7,000 

Starting price for Lifestyle and Branding Sessions begin at $500